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Asheville, NC - March 2016

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Approved at Greenville, SC meeting on august 13, 2016.



ICC Region 8 – Meeting Minutes
Asheville, NC – Holiday Inn Express
March 19, 2016


Steve Welborn

Dennis Maidon

Michelle Hawkins

Ringo McCollum

Bill Duck

Charles Taylor

Mark Matheny

Mike Smith

Donny Phipps

Tim Earles

Tom Buttram

Buddy Skinner













Steve Atwood

Dick Flowers

Randy Pruitt

Tony Beasley

Mike Nugent

Steven Kinnaird

Doug Maples

Alex Ellis

Roni Abdella

Bob Klein

Brad Rice

Bill Moeller

Morgan Wheeler

Dwayne Garriss

Terry Cobb

Shane Chandler

Linda Smith

Brenda Maidon

Vaughn Wicker







Meeting was brought to order at 8:00am by the president, Steve Welborn.

Dennis Maidon, Secretary called the Roll of States. There was a quorum.

Steve Welborn presented the president’s Report.

Dennis Maidon presented the Secretary’s Report and the Web Report. 

Michelle Hawkins presented the Treasurer’s Report and thanked Mike Smith for his help in preparing the report and helping maintain the duties of the Treasurer.

The committee reports were presented:

1.       Education

2.       Technology

3.       Legislation

4.       Hospitality

5.       Nominating Committee deferred to present a bit later.




Several awards were presented by Steve Welborn.

·         Code Official of the Year – Mark Matheny

·         President’s Award – Bill Duck

Tom Buttram presented a by-laws change.  In effect, the change merged the Secretary and Treasurer position into a single entity that would be appointed by the Board to serve at the Board’s pleasure.  The text of the change is posted on the ICC Region 8 forums at the following link.


A motion was made by Charles Taylor and seconded by Bill duck to adopt the By-laws change.  The Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt the change.

A motion was made by Mike Nugent and seconded by Roni Abdella to accept the By-Laws change as approved by the Board of Directors.  The members in attendance approved the By-laws change unanimously.

Dennis Maidon introduced the NC Mechanical Inspectors Association (NCMIA) board members that were in attendance.

Steve Welborn recognized the ICC Representatives that were in attendance. Donny Phipps, Dwayne Garriss, Vaughn Wicker.  He also recognized the past ICC representatives Terry Cobb and Bill Duck.

The Nominating Committee Chairman, Tom Buttram, presented the 2016 slate of officers.

·         President – Dennis Maidon

·         1st Vice-President – D. Michelle Hawkins

·         2nd Vice-President – Ringo McCollum

·         Georgia Director – Steven Kinnaird (2019)

·         South Carolina Director – Randy Pruitt (2019)

·         North Carolina Directors:

o   Bill Moeller – 2-year partial term (2018)

o   Tony Beasley = Full 3-year Term (2019)

·         Tennessee Director – Shane Chandler (2019)

The floor was opened to nominations. There were no nominations from the floor and the candidates were approved by acclamation.

ICC Director Donny Phipps and ICC Representative Vaughn Wicker presented the ICC News and covered the upcoming code changes and voting information.

ICC Director Donny Phipps performed the induction ceremony for the newly elected Board members.  ICC pens were presented to the officers.  Past President, Steve Welborn and outgoing Past President Mike Smith were presented certificates and pens.

ICC Vice-President Dwayne Garriss presented the ICC update.   A lengthy discussion was held concerning the reciprocity of ICC certifications and North Carolina certifications.

Donny Phipps proposed that the Chapter support Dwayne Garriss in his bid to run for ICC President at the ICC Annual Meeting in Kansas City.  A motion was made by Bill Duck and seconded by Tim Earles to support Dwayne Garriss.  The motion passed.

Dennis Maidon, newly elected President, took the podium and thanked those in attendance for their support and asked that they continue their support in the coming year.

A motion was made by Roni Abdella and seconded by Tim Earles to hold the next meeting in August 2016 in Greenville, SC.  The motion passed and Buddy Skinner will look into accommodations for Greenville.

Dennis Maidon informed the assembly that a short Board meeting would be held after the regular meeting to appoint a Secretary/Treasurer.

The regular meeting was adjourned.

After a short break, the Board meeting as brought to order.

Tim Earles made a motion to appoint Charles Taylor and Secretary/Treasurer.  The motion was seconded by Tom Buttram. The motion passes unanimously by the Board of Directors.

The meeting was adjourned.





Asheville-March 18, 2016.docx

Asheville-March 18_2016.docx

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